Saturday, May 23, 2015

Electric Garlic Roaster

One of my most used small appliances is this  Electric Garlic Roaster    This is so easy to use - pour a little water in the clay ring, put some olive oil in the tray, place your heads of garlic right on top of the olive oil (slice of the ends first so you can just squeeze the roasted garlic out once it's done) and then plug in and push the button.  It automatically will time the roasting - about 25 minutes, and it's done.  When I'm roasting lots of garlic - I don't even bother to clean the tray - it's just garlic olive oil, as long as I don't store it somewhere warm, it won't go bad.   Today I am making hummus, so roasted a few heads of elephant garlic - I can get 2-3 heads of those in - the hubster likes to spread it on his bread like butter ....  he's still sickish --- so I'm sleeping in my office .... if he's going to eat garlic, nows the time !!!

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