Thursday, August 6, 2015

Day One - Cleanse and Green Food

To cleanse I'm using Senna I purchased at Amazon.  I've heard you can also buy fresh Senna leaves at health food stores - but since we don't have any of those - I did my research and these seem to have the best feedback.   Now on the bottle it says to only take 2-3 each day - but that's to relieve constipation.   I'm leaning more towards detoxing - check out this bodybuilding site - I doubt if I'll go as high as taking 5 tablets every three hours, but until I'm feeling "cleaned out" - I'll keep taking the Senna.

Also - I'm not real big on fruits and veggies.  I love a salad with grilled chicken, but I still want some dressing on it.  So - to supplement getting enough fiber - I did more and more research, and the very best substitute turns out to be Green Superfood.   I purchased this large jar for daily use, but I also purchased I'm just trying my first one now - although the powder was green - it does taste like Orange Creamsycle - I mixed mine with skim plus milk (lactose free) and ice and use my The smoothie does have a hint of orange creamcycle taste to it, and no grittiness using the ninja blender. Speaking of..... I love the ninja because my daughter goes to lots of away swim meets and it's much easier to take on the road. I have a Vitamix at home for larger smoothies and bigger jobs at home. If I didn't have the Vitamix, I'd probably have purchased the kitchen set Ninja. There was also one that shredded veggies - a great idea - but I have an attachment for my Kitchen Aide mixer for that !! I'll report back later as to how I'm feeling !

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